Reflexology Adelaide

Our own healing capability is stimulated when reflex points located on specific parts of our body are triggered through the practice of Reflexology.

When this happens, the different organs and systems within us are able to achieve and maintain a healthy balance.

  • 45 Minutes – $79
  • 60 Minutes – $99
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Reflexology and its Benefits

Practitioners believe reflexology can become an avenue in which the body can balance itself through the stimulation of pressure points within the hands, face, feet, and ears. The stimulation encourages circulation and assists in relieving impediments in joint areas, organs, and nerve endings, removing toxins and increasing circulation.

Clients have only cemented this belief, as they have found that reflexology:

  • Has relaxation benefits
  • Removes tension
  • Improves the mood
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Revitalizes energy

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